Immerse yourself in an otherworldly art and environmental experience.

A groundbreaking mix of artists and ecoists are building an evolving and immersive creative wonderland brimming with artworks, video and light works, moss worlds, micro gardens, and installations. So much more than your average white box gallery GOOD THINGS provides artisans, creatives, makers, designers and others with a much-needed rent-free place to show their trades and generate an income and from what they do best.

At GOOD SPACE multi-art networks coalesce and co-mingle fostering creative exchanges which in turn cultivates energy that is delightful and exciting for visitors to experience and be a part of. A place to step outside of the everyday into an experiential space made up of many integrated elements with surprising and changing happenings each day. With each day the ‘biosphere’ evolves, no two experiences are ever the same.

Get to know the Artists + Avant Gardeners

Flitch & Rasp

Furniture & Art for the adventurous soul. Making one-off pieces of art & furniture from sustainable timbers, brass, copper, resin inlays, specialty paints and more.

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Hiske Weijers

Hiske Weijers is an artist currently living in Sydney. She was born in the Netherlands and as a child she was always drawing. The first thing she remembers drawing was a horse when she was 7 years old and horse’s have always remained of particular interest to her.

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Bay of Malaise

Bay of Malaise consists of fine artists artists Erin Schloeffle and Allan Giddy. They are interested in the place between sound and music as it intersects physical spaces.

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VJ ATMM (Automatic Teller Machine Machine)

‘the buttons we push are not very clean’

ATMM provides organic and architectural visuals spanning from the analogue to the digital, adding colour and movement to the sounds of Anomie, Borgore, Clan Analogue, Datsik, MarkN, MonkFly, Ribongia and was the resident VJ for the notorious Channel parties.

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Diego Bonetto

Is an artist, forager, speaker, keen naturalist and award-winning cultural worker based in Sydney.

His work enables convivial conversations around belonging, sustainability and agency. In other words, he offers an alternative for people to re-engage with their neighbourhoods, streets and footpaths through edible adventures.

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The Fabels

Fables is a duo whose music has been described as GothCoreMIndPop, which varies from very intimate to louder more danceable music/sound.

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Eyebyte Visuals

Providing event vision services across Australia and abroad. WIth expert knowledge and exceptional tools, hardware and production value to make events POP!

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Perran Costi Art

Perran skillfully utilises everything at his disposal from images, objects, technology, nature, and science; to the elements and senses; to community, networks, culture and everything in between. To tell a story that is a unique experience for anyone who comes into contact with it.

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I make one of a kind art toys and dolls, handmade zines, stickers, prints and hand-painted jewellery celebrating the cute, creepy and kitsch.

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